Evelyn Lozada Addresses Rob Kardashian Dating Rumors

Evelyn Lozada Addresses Rob Kardashian Dating Rumors
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According to a report from E Online, Evelyn Lozada is out here setting rumors straight. During the summer months of 2019, Evelyn, the Basketball Wives reality star, had a Twitter exchange with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, Rob Kardashian, around Father's Day.

Due to their conversation, romance rumors began swirling on social media with many people asking whether or not they had been hanging out. During a chat with Justin Sylvester for E! News new program, Just Sip, Lozada shared the truth on the matter.

According to Lozada, she and Rob have never actually been on a date. However, they've "known each other for a long time." The part of her tweet that had fans confused was just one part of the Happy Birthday wish.

Lozada wrote, "Happy Father's Day big d**k Rob." The reality star explained that Rob told her she would never say something like that online, so she took it as a dare, and then went through with it.

So with that, all said, some people are wondering if she and Rob would ever date, to which the reality star said, "I think Rob is a nice guy," adding he's also a "great father." According to Evelyn, she believes Rob has dealt with some poor situations in his life, but he has a "great heart."

Fans of Lozada know she has primarily dated professional athletes in the past, however, she's looking for something a "little different" now. The reality star added that she's attracted to what she's attracted to, and it's really that simple.

As for what she's been up to these days, the star claimed she's been working with domestic violence survivors. Addressing what fans believe is her claim to fame, Basketball Wives , Lozada assured her followers that the reality show is only a small part of her life.

According to the Basketball Wives alum, a lot of people out here think the aforementioned reality television series is all she has going on in her life, but really, it's just a small chunk.

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