Evelyn Braxton Devastated By Tamar Braxton Molestation Confession: "Her Pain Is My Pain"

Evelyn Braxton Devastated By Tamar Braxton Molestation Confession: "Her Pain Is My Pain"
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As a parent, your number one job is to protect your child from any harm that comes their way. After Tamar Braxton devastatingly revealed she had been molested by both sides of her family, Evelyn Braxton admits that she is devastated by the news.

A reporter caught up with the 'Braxton Family Values' star to ask her opinion about the shocking confession.

"I’m prepared to stand by Tamar’s side no matter what. Sometimes you‘re concerned about others that’s outside of the family, and because of that, and it happened within the family, that’s devastating. So that means you have to watch outside of the family, and what goes on inside of the family."

As for the accused family members, Ms. Braxton doubts that they're shaking in their boots over the repercussions of the disgusting acts.

"I think they’re hoping it will go away. I feel that they feel they did nothing wrong. If she feels like she wants to tell her story, I don’t care who it is, I’m going to stand by her one hundred percent. Whether other people understand it or not, that’s my child. Her pain is my pain. How about that?" she explained to TMZ.

This comes after Tamar Braxton took to the "Wendy Williams Show" to discuss what happened during the controversial filming of the family's therapy session with Iyanla Vanzant.

The mother of one told the talk show host that she felt that her life was flashing before her eyes which is why she is choosing to speak out.

Tamar's sister, Towanda Braxton, is showing her full support.

"Everybody has a right to speak her truth. It takes a lot of strength to speak your truth sometimes, regardless of who you hurt," Towanda stated.

On September 27, WE tv aired the first part of the two-part episode where the family participates in a session with Vanzant. Next week is the season finale.


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