Eve Reveals That Quarantine Has Done Wonders For Her Marriage

Eve Reveals That Quarantine Has Done Wonders For Her Marriage
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Since quarantine began in March, many celebrity relationships and marriages have ended leading many to believe that there is a quarantine curse. Luckily, the long periods of time with one another actually did wonder for former The Talk host Eve .

Eve married billionaire business man Maximillion Cooper in 2014. She has no kids and he has multiple.

She's become a close stepmother to Maximillion's children but now she wants to focus on starting her own family with her husband which is the reason that she stepped down from The Talk much like Tamera Mowry stepped down from The Real.

She recently revealed that the pandemic, which forced her to isolate with her husband in London, solidified why she fell in love with the 48-year-old.

'Honestly, it's been really good. I have to say, I feel lucky that we're one of the couples that got out of the quarantine and was like, 'I still like you  and  love you' — that's a different thing. Because love is one thing, but you still gotta like the person! We've learned a lot of new things about each other. This is gonna sound so cheesy — and I swear I apologize because I'm not a romantic — but it has solidified why I fell in love with him. It brought us closer together, and it made me realize wow, we chose each other, and this is a great choice,' she explained to People Magazine.

She also admitted that early on in their relationship, she didn't see it working because of Max's four kids. Once she met them, she realized that it wasn't an issue at all.

She also addressed leaving the show.

'I think also I realized that stopping is okay. I hold onto that, and I hope that other people hold onto that too.'


It's amazing that Eve and Max are even happier in these strange times.

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