Eve Mendes Ditches High-End Salons For Supercuts And Documents Her Visit On Instagram

Eve Mendes Ditches High-End Salons For Supercuts And Documents Her Visit On Instagram
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Eva Mendes has been photographed numerous times during her career wearing designer dresses and glammed up with the help of personal hairstylists and makeup artists. But, the actress recently revealed on Instagram that fans are just as likely to see her getting a service at the low-price salon chain Supercuts as they are to see her in high-end style on the red carpet.

Mendes recently took a selfie while sitting in a stylist’s chair at Supercuts. The 45-year-old had just had her hair shampooed, and she was wearing a black smock that featured the Supercuts logo.

Fans immediately praised the Hitch star for “keeping it real,” but this isn’t the first time Mendes has shared her love of finding a good deal. The mom of two has a Walgreens makeup brand called Circa, and back in 2016 she told Byrdie that when she was growing up she shopped at drugstores “for pretty much everything.”

“When I was growing up, it certainly wasn’t cool to have things at a discounted price or to have something at mass level,” Mendes explained. “There was no H&M — it wasn’t cool yet — so the fact that it is now, and that people really understand that you don’t have to pay a lot for things that are quality, I think that’s really exciting.”

Mendes also sang the praises of Pantene - which is one of her favorite drugstore products - even though she is no longer the face of the brand.

Mendes - who has been in a relationship with Ryan Gosling since 2011 - has taken a break from her acting career since giving birth to the couple’s first daughter Esmeralda Amada, 5, in 2014. Mendes and Gosling also have a 3-year-old daughter named Amada Lee.

She has been keeping busy with her various business ventures - plus taking care of her daughters, who she says are “still in that stage where we’re painting all day,” However, now that her girls are getting older and exiting the toddler phase, Mendes says that she is “slowly starting to feel like a woman again” and “slowly starting to feel like a person.”

At this point, she’s happy not to be wearing paint or food all over herself, but the reality is that she and Gosling “still have a 3-year-old.”

Eva Mendes currently has her own clothing line “Eva by Eva Mendes” at New York & Co.

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