Eve Blames Her Previous Hard Partying Lifestyle For The Cancelation Of Her Show

Eve Blames Her Previous Hard Partying Lifestyle For The Cancelation Of Her Show
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Eve , the rapper, recently expressed regret over having her own show but not handling it properly. Hot New Hip Hop picked up on comments from the former performing artist today in which she admitted to not taking her role on the show as seriously as she should have.

Reportedly, Eve appeared on a new episode of Uncensored - which will air this week - and during the conversation, she touched on what it was like to raise a blended family in England . She also addressed her biggest successes and failures over the course of her career.

In case you don't know, Eve had her own television series in the early 2000s which started in 2003 and lasted until 2006. Even Missy Elliott was involved because she performed the theme song for it.

According to Eve, the fact the show was taken off the air probably had to do with her tardiness, because at that point in her life, she was still partying a lot. Eve said that everyone else on set was getting married and buying houses.

However, she was the youngest person in the cast, and she was still going to the club at night and then trying to get on set in the early hours of the morning. The star joked, "don't do that, ever."

Furthermore, the rapper said it was a challenge to adjust from her lifestyle as a touring rapper, to being a TV show star. Eve said when the show was taken off the air, it was particularly emotional because she and the rest of the cast and crew had become like family.

Eve went on to admit that a big part of the reason why it was taken off the air was probably that she was late so often. The star went on to say that she wishes she would've taken it a little bit more seriously than she did at the time, despite the fact she isn't the person to believe in regrets.


Earlier this year, Eve was in the headlines for comments she had made to her white husband amid the Black Lives Matter protests.

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