Eva Mendes Shares That Hubby Ryan Gosling Is Great In The Kitchen And Fans Lose Their Minds - 'He's Perfect!'

Eva Mendes Shares That Hubby Ryan Gosling Is Great In The Kitchen And Fans Lose Their Minds - 'He's Perfect!'
Credit: Source: foxnews.com

Is there anything he can’t do? Eva Mendes revealed that her hugely admired husband and fellow actor Ryan Gosling is not just handsome, charming and talented with a script but he is also great in the kitchen!

The two Hollywood stars are usually very private about their life together but Eva let a little bit slip on social media much to the happiness and jealousy of fans.

After Mendes revealed that her hubby is a good cook and baker, many social media users could not help but gush over Gosling, commenting that he’s ‘perfect’ among other complimentary things.

It all started with Eva posting a video of her enjoying some heart-shaped macarons and promoting the catering company that provided her with the sweet treats.

That is when a follower asked about the actor couple’s own skills in the kitchen.

‘Love macarons. What else did they make there and also, do you and Ryan cook at all?’ the comment read.

This prompted the proud wife to rave about her husband’s cooking talent, writing that ‘Ryan is an amazing chef AND baker. For real. Incredible. No joke. I am not sure that what I do is cooking. It is more like steaming veggies, juicing and making rice. He really cooks. I survive.’

Her reveal that Ryan Gosling is great at cooking caused a lot of fans to have a proper meltdown, commenting things like: ‘He is so perfect.’ / ‘Can he just stop putting the rest of us men to shame already?’ / ‘Enough is enough.’ /  So great to see a nice comment not something rude in need of a clap back for once.’

The latter was just someone happy about the nice interaction between Eva and the fan but still!

Ryan already has a huge following because of his great personality and good looks so adding cooking to the mix was bound to get a reaction like that!

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