Eva Mendes Praises Fashion Industry For Moving On From 'Archaic' Structure

Eva Mendes Praises Fashion Industry For Moving On From 'Archaic' Structure
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During a women's summit in Los Angeles on Saturday, Eva Mendes addressed the once "archaic" structure of the fashion industry, stating that so many things have changed since then.

The Hollywood Reporter claims the actress revealed why she thought it was crucial to have a variety of body shapes and sizes in her fashion collections. The star, who's currently in a relationship with Ryan Gosling, described it as an "obvious" decision.

According to Mendes, she always thought the fashion industry was "archaic" in terms of representing only one type of beauty, however, thanks to the new changes, her daughters have a chance to grow up in a world where diversity is appreciated.

Eva shares two daughters with Ryan Gosling. Eva said her daughters were already "self-empowered," and she's thrilled to see them growing up in such a manner. Eva joked that she had to "get out of their way."

Additionally, Mendes shared that around 20 years ago, makeup artists didn't even know how to do her makeup, because they didn't have the right shade to match her skin tone. Reportedly, Mendes drops a new collection every six weeks, and it has helped her a lot when it comes to business acumen and marketing skills.

Eva said that while she loves connecting with women on the platform, she doesn't like posting to Instagram that much because it can be stressful at times.

Eva, in addition to Jessica Simpson, Lauren Conrad, Antoni Porowski, and Jessica Alba, all spoke at the 2020 Create and Cultivate conference in downtown LA to give advice to upcoming female entrepreneurs. Jessica Simpson, who also shared the stage, stated that in the year 2020, she has felt so "empowered" by the new world.

The star explained that she knew she'd be releasing a brand new book. She shared that 2020 was the year for her to help other people work toward their goals and make the world a better place. Jessica just dropped a new memoir this year, in which she addressed some of her personal challenges.

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