Eva Mendes Gets Real About The Challenges Of Pandemic Parenthood!

Eva Mendes Gets Real About The Challenges Of Pandemic Parenthood!
Credit: Source: closerweekly.com

The actress admitted that it's been rather challenging to give her kids with Ryan Gosling her whole attention amid the lockdown! In a new IG post, Eva Mendes got real about parenthood and more, revealing that she's achieved a new 'mom mode!'

While Eva Mendes is a successful actress and usually has a very busy schedule, the star has been forced to become a full-time mom during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eva posted a pic of herself in a gray robe and she looked as stunning as ever although she seemed rather stressed.

In the caption she wrote: 'Full on Mom mode. I have graduated from my man’s [Ryan Gosling] sweats to a robe. All day. File under: I stopped caring for now.'

And that was not all! Getting even more real about pandemic parenthood, she went on to open up about both the joys and challenges of it.

'These days my kids [Esmerelda, 6, and Amada, 4] are getting my full on attention. It is challenging but they need me right now more than ever. If you are in a similar situation, here is a list of parenting pages getting me through so thought I would share.'

The actress made sure to link the sources which included: Latinx Parenting, Big Little Feelings Toddler Experts, Wholistic Kids and Families and many more!

Her words were definitely quite relatable and fans were relieved to realize that their idol is also going through the same things as they are!

Many took to the comment section to thank her for the resources while others encouraged and assured her she should not feel bad for struggling and that it does not make her a bad mother.


Besides, a source told HollywoodLife previously that 'They don’t have nannies so they are going through the same thing as all other parents out there.'


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