Eva Marvcille Has The Perfect Solution For The Super Bowl Party Hangover

Eva Marvcille Has The Perfect Solution For The Super Bowl Party Hangover
Credit: BET

Eva Marcille tells her fans and followers on social media that she has the best solution for your Super Bowl party hangover. Check out her recent message on her social media account below.

'Are you really prepped for that #SuperBowl Party? CBD can help with hangovers and indigestion from alllllllll that fun you’re about to have! Sadly, it cannot help with some of those commercials 😏#cbd #cevad #superbowlLIV' Eva captioned her post.

Someone said: 'You better come through with the cute ad and make the connection to the Super Bowl, Miss Eva!'

Another fan posted this: '@evamarcille U are beautiful mama, I love your love and light peaceful soul. U definitely dont look like what you've been through. U are motivational, inspiring, but most of all u have always been true to yourself in my book. U have a beautiful family, and Mike is absolutely the definition of a great man, father, husband, and in your voice "not a shabby lawyer, either! I love yall 💯'

As you already know, the Super Bowl came with its associated drama. It's been earlier reported that Tomi Lahren went after Jay Z and Beyonce .

The couple was filmed sitting down during the National Anthem and this triggered a reaction from Tomi who decided to publicly slam the couple.

This triggered a massive debate on social media with people slamming Tomi and others, saying that jay Z and Bey did indeed show disrespect.

Anyway, back to Eva -  just the other day, she reposted one on Mike Sterling’s posts for Marley Sterling’s birthday. This is really emotional and had a lot of fans in tears.

'Repost from @miketsterling On the East wall of our home sits an old large framed photo, courtesy of @thankfulcliff, that has on it a quote I used to inspire my staff years ago: “Earn it Everyday.”' - this is how the quote began.

His message was really inspiring and emotional at the same time.


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