Eva Marcille's Video With The Sterling Boys Will Make Your Day - See Little Mikey Being Cute!

Eva Marcille's Video With The Sterling Boys Will Make Your Day - See Little Mikey Being Cute!
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Eva Marcille shared a video on her social media account featuring the Sterling boys and fans are completely in love with baby boy, Mikey. Check out the clip below.

Someone said: 'Classic middle child Mikey...lol,' and another commenter posted this: 'Omg they are absolutely too adorable!!!🥰😍💙💙 I smiled the whole time. Blessings babe✨🙏🏽'

A follower said: 'Mikey said - You gonna acknowledge me Mama cuz I was here first!! 🤣🤣' and a commenter posted this: 'Wow he walking already he is a spitting image of his dad wow.'

Another follower said: 'Table has too many sharp edges. Need to put those little bumpers on edges,' and someone else posted this: 'The way he put his arms up like him had me dying.'

A commenter said: 'Mikey is funny😂😂😂😂 both so darn cute,' and someone else said: 'LOL!!🤣 Mikey with the arms out!!😭—😍 Mav is getting sooo big!'

Someone else posted: 'Lol so adorable. Mikey said “you better give me some more attention” 😂' and a fan said: 'Yasss brother supporting brother, even falling🤣 pure love✨.'

A commenter wrote: 'Good morning!! How cute are they!!! Mikey is so funny and I miss my Marley Rae💜' and someone else posted this: 'It's Maverick's victory walk for me!!! Hang in there Mav, us 3rd kids gotta stick together!'

One follower said: 'Eva. Omg. From first seeing you win America’s Next Top Model to all of this cuteness overload. Beautiful family. And I must say, your home is outstanding for 2 little ones running around. Games nicely stacked. Toys in their place cuz they’re not scattered everywhere. Fantastic young lady. 🙌❤️🙏🏽'

Another fan wrote: 'Girl Maverick is growing so fast!! So adorable!! Mikey is hilarious!! Trying to still be the baby!!! I love it!'

In other news, Eva Marcille  has her fans emotional with a video that she posted on her social media account. Check out the video that she shared that brought tears into fans’ eyes.

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