Eva Marcille's Photo Featuring Marley Rae And Santa Claus Makes Fans Smile - See It Here

Eva Marcille's Photo Featuring Marley Rae And Santa Claus Makes Fans Smile - See It Here
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Eva Marcille shared a photo on her social media account featuring her gorgeous daughter, Marley Rae and Santa Claus. Check out the pic below.

Someone said: 'Marley's cheekbones have been giving me life since she was a baby 😍' and a follower posted this message: 'Too cute😍finally people with sense if you’re gonna do the Santa Cause thing please let it be family or close friend it’s not safe out there way too much going on and I love the fact he’s a Santa 🎅 that represents Marley/us. 🔥'

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A follower posted this: 'She is so beautiful just like her mother and father,' and someone else said: 'She was such an adorable Lil baby, and now a beautiful big girl!! 😍'

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Someone else said: 'Marley is like " okay mommy...I know who this is" 😀😀😀 she is so beautiful.'

A follower posted this message: 'First time to see Father Christmas handsome like this 🤣' and a follower said: 'So beautiful would like if you would read my story I also am a Grandmother of 3 beautiful girls. 👍'

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Someone else said: 'Awwwwww hi Marley u are beautiful in the picture.'

Eva also shared a gorgeous throwback pic of herself that you can check out below.

A commenter said: 'Chileeee me to girl! Lol Mine aren’t long. They are big construction worker hands... smh My daddy told me not to pop my knuckles as a child lol.'

A fan said: 'It’s the hair, the makeup, the smile, and the big hands for me 😍.'

Someone said: 'Its the beauty on the inside for me. Your hands look, marvellous Queen. Love ya 🔥😘💕'

In other recent news, Eva Marcille just dropped the cutest photo of her baby boy, Maverick Sterling.

Check out the cute kid and read Eva’s funny caption.


‘Maverick Leonard Sterling  🌻 My blonde baby, first of his name, breaker of chains  ⛓, fearless and intense  👶’ Eva captioned her post.

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