Eva Marcille's Latest Video Has Fans Criticizing Her: 'This Is Wrong On So Many Levels'

Eva Marcille's Latest Video Has Fans Criticizing Her: 'This Is Wrong On So Many Levels'
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Eva Marcille shared a video featuring her family on her social media account and the clip managed to upset some fans. Check out what's happening in the clip that had people angry.

An upset Instagrammer hopped in the comments and said: 'So many things wrong with this ...I'm sorry...first I wouldn't be buying anything off that truck without anything being in packaged and second...I'm sorry yawl say what you want...I wouldn't have let her walk to the house by herself idc idc...Yes show her independence...but not while those woods are back there and she so-called have an estranged baby daddy...kids are being kidnapped in an instant...that just me...say wtf you want...No way!' and another follower agreed and also said that 'This is wrong on so many levels!'

One follower defended Eva and said: 'Take care of your own kids and household and let others live life on their own terms.'

Somoene else posted this: 'Sis, you've been watching too many Lifetime movies. The Sterlings are okay!!' and a follower wrote: 'I love this family. Eva a Real Housewife doing housewife things with her family 🤩'

A follower said: 'a lot of us grew up buying from those trucks and there were never anyone with problems! Did you ever go door to door for Halloween you trust taking food from strange places right!? We just have pray God watch over our children and us and not always think the worst.'

One commenter posted this: 'She so your child! That little free-spirited hula dance was adorable! Enjoy!'

Eva made fans happy not too long ago when she shared more pics and clips of her family.

She shared a video on her social media account featuring Michael Sterling and two of their kids: Mikey and Maverick. You should make sure to check out the video that made a lot of fans’ day.

People praised her kids and her skills as a mom.

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