Eva Marcille's Latest Health-Related Advice Triggers A Debate Among Fans

Eva Marcille's Latest Health-Related Advice Triggers A Debate Among Fans
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Eva Marcille shared a product that she's been using during this quarantine for hand sanitizing, and she managed to trigger a massive debate among her fans with this post. Check out her video below.

Not too long ago, Eva also made sure to slam a lockdown-related theory .

A lot of people have this theory that during the lockdown, we can see who our true friends really are. Well, it seems that Eva Marcille doesn’t agree with this, and she had a few words to tell her fans about this idea.

Anyway, here's her latest post:

'#ad During these tough times I've finally found a hand sanitizer to turn to for me and my family! check out @unclebuds_hemp it's 70% Alcohol and it's available for immediate delivery. It kills germs and keeps my hands amazingly moisturized. check them out at www.unclebudshemp.com #hemp #cbd #unclebudshemp #sanitizer,' Eva captioned her post.

Someone said: 'We’ve been using this since quarantine started and LOVE IT!' and another follower posted this message: 'Nope...No alcohol isn't gonna work for what it needs to, even the CDC says that.'

One fan bought up Toni Braxton and said: 'You are 2 months late boo...Toni Braxton already put this on the map...'

Another commenter wrote: 'Lord knows I need that my hands are so dry Eva,' and more people also said that they would try the product despite the haters.

Apart from this, Eva had an important announcement to make:

'Sunday 5/24 7 pm on BET! There is a divine message when a soul as bright as Andre’s “Mr. Champagne & Bubbles”... the life of the party, chooses to transition during a time when so many people who live he touched so deeply cannot get together to console each other, to share joy-filled stories, and to do the “hampty hamps” two-step in the name of his love. This tribute is @wendycredle gift to @andreharrell and his gift to all of you. #celebratingandreharrell @bet @revolttv @foxsoul 🌻@wendycredle' Eva posted.

Fans appreciated her post, and they said that they would definitely be watching.

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