Eva Marcille's Fans Are Slamming Her After This Instagram Post

Eva Marcille's Fans Are Slamming Her After This Instagram Post
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You probably recall that more celebrities found themselves in hot water after promoting various weight loss products. Now, it seems that Eva Marcille just joined the gang following her latest Instagram post. Here it is:

'Another round done, and another satisfying experience. @flattummyco has been, and will be my go-to shake… they are easy to prep, taste great, and every time I use them I get closer to my goals. 2019 just started by I am ready to kill this year!' Eva captioned her post.

People, both fans and haters, slammed her for this ad.

Someone said 'Love you, but this is lame :(' while another follower wrote 'Do @flattummyco go after ever celebrities that already have a flat stomach. I know Eva need them checks but don't lie to us about this product.'

One commenter knows that Eva gets money to promote the product and they don't see anything wrong about it: 'She gets paid for this. Y'all let her get this bag in peace. 😭'

Someone else has a natural solution to lose weight: 'Apple cider vinegar does work. Mix with ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, lemons, and last but least cayenne pepper. Drink in the morning and especially before you go to bed. Yes, this works.'

Another supporter also had a few words for Eva, but regarding RHOA and her wedding: 'Miss Eva, your co-workers are so jealous of you on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Look here baby girl, Marlo is past tense 😬 a damn fright to be her age without man or child. God has blessed you in so many ways. Misery loves company. If Marlo is so concerned with your financial arrangement why the hell didn’t she contribute? That’s what a grown woman would have done🤣🤣🤣🤣 Wow!! This black on black conspiracy is worn out!!! I loved your wedding. Do you boo!😇 God bless you & your family!!!'

Recently, Eva had something to tell her fans and they advised her to leave RHOA for her sake and her family's.

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