Eva Marcille Took Part In An Important Book Signing

Eva Marcille Took Part In An Important Book Signing
Credit: Bravo TV

Eva Marcille was a part of an important book signing and she made her fans and followers really happy the other day when she announced this. Check out her post below.

'Repost from @mrjaymanuel 📲 Join us TODAY at my #Live #BookSigning of #TheMeltdown with @evamarcille & @sutanamrull on my official Facebook page (JayManuelOfficial) at 2pm ET (11am PT). I will be signing books, answering YOUR questions about my novel AND serving tea with Eva & Sutan!!! ☕️😜 Head to the link in my bio to get a signed copy. Yes, Premiere Collectibles WILL ship an #autographed copy of my #novel to ANYWHERE in the world!!! 🙌🏽#JayManuel #SpillingTheTea,' Eva captioned her post.

People were really excited and they made sure to praise Eva in the comments. She shared a photo of herself and captioned it with the following words.

'Just me... imperfect, flawed, and stitched with good intentions 🌻' Eva wrote.

Someone had this message for Eva: 'Hi, Eva the diva, please reconcile with Porsha, you both need each another. She is a great girl with a good heart. You never know what tomorrow holds, she is a good friend you don’t want to let go. You met her in this life’s journey for a purpose, let the pride go and work towards rebuilding your relationship with her. Just word of advice from an ardent watcher of RHOA. Peace! By the way, you have a great family.'

Another follower posted this: 'To everyone reading this: I do not know what happens in your life please do not be hard on own self, Love will never hurt you but a wrong person will so don't be sad! and don't allow wrong people to destroy your most beautiful life!'

Somoene else wrote: 'So beautiful 💯 @evamarcille when that light be hitting just right even though you can do it in the dark.'

In other news, Eva Marcille  addressed what’s right for the city and also brought up woman leaders.