Eva Marcille Talks Porsha Williams And Dennis McKinley's Future As A Couple - Are They Endgame?

Eva Marcille Talks Porsha Williams And Dennis McKinley's Future As A Couple - Are They Endgame?
Credit: Source: sunriseread.com

Eva Marcille has some thoughts on the very complicated relationship between Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley and she did not hesitate to share them. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star revealed whether she thinks the two are ‘endgame’ or not!

Fans of the show know all too well what the co-parents have been through as far as their romantic relationship is concerned.

In fact, at this point in time, the public knows that while they are working on fixing things, they are still not officially back together after the man admitted to cheating on Porsha during her pregnancy.

While having a chat with HollywoodLife, Eva was asked if she believes Porsha and Dennis will end up tying the knot after all.

Her response? – ‘I love their relationship. I hope so. I root for them and I root for love. I know she loves him. I know he loves her. They have a beautiful baby together. Life is hard enough by yourself. And the thing is, I think a lot of times Instagram and magazines and pictures make the illusion that life’s perfect. So you see relationships and couples and it’s perfect, and you think about your life that’s not perfect, and then you get upset, but no one’s life is really perfect.’

She went on to argue that ‘when you get married, it’s not like, ‘Hey, let’s live the perfect life,’ but no, ‘Let’s live this crazy life together and support each other together.’ So I hope that what they’re going through allows them to be stronger so that when they are married and they have to weather life’s storms, they’re there for each other.’

Eva also praised the troubled pair for showing the real side of their relationship, with good and bad and not just what social media might make it seem like.


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