Eva Marcille Slams A Lockdown-Related Theory That's Been Floating Online These Days

Eva Marcille Slams A Lockdown-Related Theory That's Been Floating Online These Days
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A lot of people have this theory that during the lockdown, we can see who our true friends really are. Well, it seems that Eva Marcille doesn't agree with this, and she had a few words to tell her fans about this idea.

Check out the recent post that she shared on her social media account below.

'I don’t like the guilt trip that people are putting on others. This is a very very difficult time, and just maintaining mental health for some is very challenging. I just want to encourage everybody to keep doing the best that they can do and know that that is enough. You might not have enough for someone else at this point, and that is OK. I had to re-post this. Everybody is going through it. 🌻' Eva captioned her post.

With this message, Eva managed to trigger a debate in the comments.

Somoene said: 'Nah, hard times reveal who your real people are. 😴'

A follower said: 'THISSSSSS!!!! 🙌🏾We are ALL going through it. And even when we’re NOT in a pandemic, you never know what other people are going through. Stop setting unrealistic expectations of others!'

Someone else posted this message: 'We are going through trying times where people are dying dying!! I am definitely going through it, survived COVID 19 AND work in healthcare, BUT I genuinely care for some people and it doesn't take but a few mins out of my hectic day to shoot them a text. Hell, sometimes I simply copy and paste the same text to multiple people. I disagree with this statement 1000%! It's not selfish to desire the same! That's MY opinion! #isaidwhatisaid.'

Another follower said: 'I’m sorry this is the most important time for a “friend” to reach out to you. Yes, we are all going though this, but the best way is to get through this together. It takes 2 seconds to send a text. Less time then it took to respond to this post. Sorry I disagree. If I love you and care, I’m checking on you, and considering that many will have mental issues during and after this, check on me.'

The other day, Eva addressed the importance of helping others and giving back to the community, especially during these difficult times that we are living in.

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