Eva Marcille Shows Fans The View That She Sees From Her House Every Sunday Morning

Eva Marcille Shows Fans The View That She Sees From Her House Every Sunday Morning
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Eva Marcille shared a video on her social media account to show her fans what she sees out the window every Sunday. It's really interesting, and it will definitely surprise you as well. Check out her video below.

'My Sunday mornings 🌻 This family of deer looks like they late for church and they are tipping in 🤣' Eva captioned her post.

This clip managed to spark opposed reactions from Eva's fans.

Some people made jokes about the issue, but others said that this is not something funny at all because the deer are walking around due to the fact that their homes are being destroyed by people.

Someone joked and said: 'They have family traditions too lol on Sundays they roam the neighborhood.'

Another follower posted this: 'Yeah, they're looking for food, since your neighborhood is in development it's taking the land, so they have no choice to come out of the woods and look for food! It's really sad this is going on all over the world, we have the same problem here in St. Louis, MO.'

One fan said: 'That's so beautiful, but on the other hand it's sad because they dont have anywhere to go cause their killing nature.'

Another upset follower wrote this: 'Beautiful? They have nowhere to go because we tear down their homes to build on the land.'

Someone else visibly disturbed asked: 'Where are they supposed to go when they keep building in their homes?' and another follower posted this: 'Hopefully, it's not hunting season. They are beautiful and so peaceful.'

In other news, Eva praised Tyra Banks on her social media account .

She shared a gorgeous photo featuring the two of them, and she captioned it with some uplifting words.

Fans loved the fact that Eva also supports other women in the industry and shares positive thoughts about them.

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