Eva Marcille Shares More Pics From The Juneteenth Celebration - Fans Call Her 'Irresponsible' For This Reason

Eva Marcille Shares More Pics From The Juneteenth Celebration - Fans Call Her 'Irresponsible' For This Reason
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Eva Marcille shared more photos from her Juneteenth celebration that took place a few days ago. Fans are in love with the happiness that they are witnessing from these images.

'Best Juneteenth party ever. It was like a good old family reunion. #BlackLivesMatter #BlackCultureMatters #juneteenth,' Eva captioned her post.

A lot of followers hopped in the comments and they accused Eva for the lack of social distancing and for the fact that no one is wearing a mask at the party.

A commenter said: 'BLM is 1 reason we still need to wear mask!' and a follower posted this message: 'Now, this is what reality looks like. Thank you!'

A fan wrote: 'I LOVE you and your husband for all you do for the black community,' and someone else said: 'You have the cutest babies. Mine are pretty darn cute too, but hey...'

Someone else said: 'Yellow watermelon I haven’t seen that since I was a little girl. #BLM,' and one commenter posted this: 'So do y’all think Coronavirus isn’t a real threat??? @evamarcille I like you but This is irresponsible of you as a public figure.'

A follower posted: 'I hope Kenya doesn’t return next season. Kandi can go too she has no storyline. I will miss you tho.'

Someone else said: 'You and Porsche need to make up it's too much happening in this world to let something so small bring y’all apart. Do it for God, not Man,' and another person posted this: 'Looks like fun but wear your MASKS people or we’ll be in for the rest of the summer.'

One other commenter said: 'Eva, I’m so glad you decided to get away from those housewives, good for you!'

In other news, Eva announced her fans that she felt the need to get an aesthetic procedure , especially since she already had three kids.

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