Eva Marcille Shares An Emotional Video Featuring Will Smith That Leaves Fans In Tears

Eva Marcille Shares An Emotional Video Featuring Will Smith That Leaves Fans In Tears
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Eva Marcille just shared an emotional video on her social media account that is featuring Will Smith saying some extremely powerful words. Check out the clip below.

'There is a historical river running red with the blood of truth-tellers,' Eva captioned her post.

Someone else said: 'That little girl is a visionary her dad did change the world R. I. P. Bro,' and another commenter posted this: 'I can feel the momentum of the people, its a shift of power! Let's take it, and never give it back! Blacknited America!'

One other follower wrote: 'The message. In those last 25 seconds. One conviction doesn’t take away the pain. We cannot stop.'

Someone else said: 'Stop killing us! The same God that created you, created us too!' and another Instagrammer had this to say: 'Very strong powerful me crying so Amazing That we don't see Yashua hands on this Jesus is doing some powerful things.'

A follower shared: 'I don't have to love anyone who hates me...that a falsehood religion has taught. Remember they gave us the Slave Bible for this very reason.'

Another follower posted: 'He never speaks explicitly. When everyone was posting for #ahmaudarbery @willsmith was posting tik tok videos and @jadapinkettsmith was working out with her daughter. We need to stop trying to see the support that’s not there. We need to stop trying to hear our names in a sea of words that will drown you in his denial of self. #WILLSMITHZ STOPPED BEING A BLACK MAN DECADES AGO...once he linked up with Tom cruise it was then that he was gone. He has no loyalty to his people not even his city.'

One of Eva's fans told her: '@evamarcille thank you for posting. This inspired me. It is the reason behind our policy and protests #sharethemicnow series. We all need to #sharethemicnow we need to hear stories and solutions. ❤️❤️ Let’s all change the world.'

In other news, Eva is one of the celebrities who decided to honor Breonna Taylor for her birthday. She was supposed to be 27 years old.

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