Eva Marcille Says That Ex, Kevin McCall, Praised The Man Who Killed Her Friend

Eva Marcille Says That Ex, Kevin McCall, Praised The Man Who Killed Her Friend
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Eva Marcille is not having the best time these days, according to the latest reports. It seems that she's once again asking the courts to keep Kevin McCall away from their daughter, Marley Rae.

You may be aware of the fact that the RHOA star has been having problems with her ex for a lot of years now, and she also made public the fact that she found him outside of her home after they ended their relationship.

More than that, she also revealed to the world that he used to abuse her physically while they were together.

'He was definitely extremely violent,' Eva said a while back.

She continued and said: 'Physically abusive and I wasn’t the only person who has dealt with it. More recently, there was a young lady he dealt with, knocked all her fronts out. His child’s mother before me has dealt with domestic violence, his sister, his mother. And now obviously, the list goes on.'

More than that, according to the latest reports coming from Hot New Hip Hop, Eva said a while ago that Kevin stated the fact that he 'could do worse damage' compared to the killer Christopher Dorner who terrorized Southern California about six years ago.

Eva also said that Kevin used to praise Earl Hayes, the killer of Eva's friend Stephanie Moseley.

You can see what more she had to say in the video above.

Eva celebrated her birthday a couple of days ago.

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