Eva Marcille Publicly Shares Her Support For Mike Espy

Eva Marcille Publicly Shares Her Support For Mike Espy
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Eva Marcille shared a video featuring Mike Espy and said that she is offering him full support. Check out the clip and the message that she shared on her social media account.

'My dear friend @mikeespyms is only one point behind in MS. The message that would be sent in this country if MS chooses Mike Espy would be one of the most powerful things to happen in this country’s history. I have spent a lot of time in MS handling a lot of cases on behalf of those wrongfully accused. MS needs Mike Espy Repost @mikeespyms. I am tired of Mississippi being last. I am tired of having less. Aren’t you? I am running for the U.S. Senate so that we never have to be last again. 🔁 @miketsterling,' Eva captioned her post.

Someone else said: 'Mike Espy for Mississippi! Straight out of Clarksdale, my hometown!'

A commenter posted this message: 'Eva you my girl, you stay on top of everything and give us the facts.'

Other than this, she addressed the horrible situation in Nigeria.

'Henceforth I will PROTEST & PRAY... I’ve been so angry all day, holding back from posting the horrible videos I’ve seen of my brothers and sisters being harassed and murdered by bloodthirsty police officers... yet each time I start to post in anger and with tears of frustration God has asked me “have you ever prayed about this?”... ' Eva wrote.

She continued and said: 'my people let’s cry out to God before the sun comes up and when it sets... during the day with the Grace, Strength & Protection only He can give, we pick up our placards and demand justice until not only the symptom of police brutality is eradicated, but all these walls of corruption, decadence, and inept leadership crumble at our feet! #endsars #sarsbrutality 🔁 @deyemitheactor.'


Eva Marcille  continues to raise awareness about what’s going on in Nigeria.

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