Eva Marcille Proudly Announces Fans That After 3 Kids, She Needed An Aesthetic Procedure - See The Pics!

Eva Marcille Proudly Announces Fans That After 3 Kids, She Needed An Aesthetic Procedure - See The Pics!
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Eva Marcille announced her fans that she felt the need to get an aesthetic procedure, especially since she already had three kids. Check out the pics from the clinic.

'Ok I know you have seen the commercials and just didn’t know the best place to go! After three kids, a girl needed a bit of aesthetics assistance! Ray and Jamesa are both Coolsculpting Masters! Dermatology Consultants is the #1 practice in Georgia for @coolsculpting! @dermatologyconsultants @rh_aestheticworld @the_atlanta_aesthetician,' Eva captioned her post.

Some of her fans were really excited for her, but others said that this is nothing but a waste of money.

A commenter asked: 'Does it hurt? I know I did Botox before and that sh*t hurts... okay!!' and someone else said: 'Does it really work or is this just a job? I want to do some things but am skeptical of the testimonials.'

Someone else seemed disappointed and said: 'This procedure do NOT hurt nor does it work! A waste of money. Get a tummy tuck instead.'

A fan posted this: 'Eva, let me know how it goes!! I live in Houston, other girls were saying they’re dissatisfied. Let me know Mama!!♥️♥️' and another upset person said: 'I tried this, it did absolutely nothing. They wouldn't even refund me back. Be careful with this, it's a money scammer. It did hurt too.'

Someone asked: 'What does that cool sculpting do?' and a follower responded: 'pretty much suppose to freeze the fat in areas you are focusing on and turns it into waste.'

One other follower said: 'Eva! No you just need to toss the cigarettes, Drink more water, We love you just the way you are"BEAUTIFUL ok Sunflower, no filter, no lie🌺you can hate me now, and thank me later.'

Another fan posted: 'I am so glad you let that show.you are so above that.all money ant good money. I am so happy for you,' and someone else said: 'I am so sad you are leaving Atlanta housewives but Doll I fully understand.'

Recently, Eva praised her hubby, Michael Sterling for Father’s Day. Also, Eva has been spending some quality time with the family these days.

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