Eva Marcille Promotes This Controversial Message From The BLM Movement

Eva Marcille Promotes This Controversial Message From The BLM Movement
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Eva Marcille shared a message that has been shared by the BLM movement. Check it out below and see the reactions that this triggered.

Someone said: 'Why doesn’t Black Lives Matter in Chicago when they have small children losing their lives at a rapid rate by their own people... When are you going to take that energy and put it towards your own people.'

A commenter posted this message: 'So you think it's ok to steal and loot? Because that is exactly what they are doing.'

A fan wrote: 'Amazing how we are now condoning looting with obvious historical issues but.... society is going to hell if we keep allowing the current to be acceptable!'

One follower said: 'Who has??? People hundreds of years ago???🗣 Stop posting hate.'

Someone else posted this message: 'An Eye for an eye. Causing more wounds than healing. Causing more hate than love. Christ spoke about praying for our enemies. We need prayer and forgiveness in this nation.'

A commenter said: 'As long as they don’t loot my parents' shop whatever’s. My parents worked hard to get it off the ground for people to come fuxk it up 🖕🏿'

One follower posted: 'The problem is we are looting our own people businesses. They know who they stoned but we do not know who we destroy ( our own) sad.'

Another commenter said: 'It needs to say white people have stolen. Let’s just be totally clear about who has stolen!' and someone else posted this: 'That was deep please people don’t let that go over your head.'

In other news, Eva Marcille shared a video and message that had her fans laughing in the comments. You should check out her recent post on her social media account.

Also, Eva  shared a photo that has fans laughing in the comments like there’s no tomorrow. You  should check out the pic.

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