Eva Marcille Praises Kenya Moore: 'I Rock With Kenya Moore'

Eva Marcille Praises Kenya Moore: 'I Rock With Kenya Moore'
Credit: Source: Bravo

This season, Kenya Moore and Eva Marcille got off to a bumpy start. Now it seems that the two have become the best of friends.

Kenya returned to Real Housewives of Atlanta with a bang. She threw a party to introduce everyone to her beautiful baby girl Brooklyn Daly. Eva wasn't as fond of Kenya as she is now so she left her kids home.

Moore took it as a huge insult and even regifted the doll Marcille bought as a present to Porsha Williams' daughter.

Since then, the two have put their feud to rest both on-screen and off.

The model took to Instagram Live on Monday morning where she discussed a variety of topics.

She opened up about how genuine her friendship with the actress is.

'So when it comes to what really really matters Kandi, Cynthia, y'all ready for this? Kenya. I rock with Kenya Moore because Kenya shows up when there's no cameras around when nobody is here to talk about it when you don't put it on Instagram. My bassinet my baby sleeps in right now -- Kenya gave me, put together, personally delivered to my house. Like, that was never on TV. You don't ever tweet about that. You know, Christmas morning -- Good morning Merry Christmas Sterling -- just little stuff, you know what I mean? Something she sees on Instagram or something she heard, she'll call me personally like I appreciate who Kenya is -- the fullness of Kenya. I think you guys see one part of Kenya that's great for TV. I think she's amazing for TV but she is, if I had to kill somebody and bury a body, I would do it with Cynthia and Kenya.'

It;'s great to see that the ladies have come a long way in a short time.


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