Eva Marcille Makes Fans Laugh With Old School Mamas Jokes

Eva Marcille Makes Fans Laugh With Old School Mamas Jokes
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Eva Marcille shared a video and message that had her fans laughing in the comments. Check out her recent post on her social media account.

'Ole school mamas will HAVE THE WHOLE CONVO😂 Yesss @mrs_ejspeaks If this is not every black mama. Watch the whole thing🤣. “Do I press pound or just hang it up”?' Eva captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Girl yes!! I told my mama I’m gonna save all the recordings and make a song out of it!' and another follower posted this message: 'That is gonna be me when I get old I just know it lmao 😂'

Another follower posted: 'Man I miss those long voicemails from my mam,' and a fan said: 'Yess!!! Will have a WHOLE conversation in one breathe all on one message🤦🏾‍♀️🤣'

A commenter said: 'I’m so thankful for my visual voicemail even tho i don’t really check that,' and someone else posted this: 'his is so true..😂😂My mother dies this to me at least 3 times a week. Lmao.'

Ooooohhhh now this a classic mama! My mama will call and just start talking. No hey how you doing, just go into a 5 min rant then get mad when I say mama I’m working I need to call you back!'

Someone posted this: 'Golly gee🤣🤣 💯FACTS!! And scene 2 would be her calling back again and leave ANOTHER voice mail...an entirely different conversation starting with I knew it was something I forgot to tell you.'

In other news, not too long ago, Eva Marcille shared a photo that has fans laughing in the comments like there’s no tomorrow. You should check out the pic that she posted on her social media account.

Also, Eva Marcille  shared a  video  and some new pics featuring her baby girl, Marley Rae and fans are simply in love with her.

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