Eva Marcille 'Likes' Comments About Kevin McCall's Latest Breakdown

Eva Marcille 'Likes' Comments About Kevin McCall's Latest Breakdown
Credit: Source: Bravo

Social media is split when it comes to whose side to be on during this new drama between 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star Eva Marcille and her baby daddy Kevin McCall. Eva is stating the way she feels subliminally by liking comments that side with her.

Last week, Kevin worried his followers when he posted a tearful video addressing the fact that he hasn't been able to see either of his daughters.

"I don’t want to show weakness. I think it’s strength to admit when you in pain. I miss both my daughters. It hurts incredibly bad. Jenesis and Marley if you see this, I am your daddy and I love you and I am looking for you and I cry every morning and I cry every morning for you. Don’t believe nothing you see."

In the past, Eva revealed that the singer was abusive in their relationship. To make matters worse, he posted multiple times suggesting that his and Eva's daughter wasn't his and even joked about fathering Eva's newest addition.

Regardless of his past actions, Marcille told Wendy Williams that she'd be willing to work with the troubled man if he went through the proper avenues to see be in Marley's life.

Yesterday, Eva went on a liking spree that defended her from McCall's fans who felt that she was the wrong one in the situation.

One follower stated: "Has everyone forgotten how horrible Kevin talked about his child? He obviously has mental issues and visitation needs to be done through the courts MAYBE that. He needs to take care of himself to be better for her.

"Why do we constantly blame women for a man's mental status? He's crying now but not so long ago, wasn't he saying this wasn't his child? Folks don't care about the hurt they give out until it doubles back on they a**," another said.

Eva also liked a comment that stated she was trying to protect her daughter.

What do you think about this drama? Who do you think is right?


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