Eva Marcille Is Promoting A Clothing Line With The Mission To Uplift, Inspire And Encourage Others

Eva Marcille Is Promoting A Clothing Line With The Mission To Uplift, Inspire And Encourage Others

Eva Marcille and more celebrities are supporting a clothing line which has a great mission. The Shade Room detailed more about this and it's genuinely uplifting. Check out their post below.

Here's what TSR posted : 'Our friends over at @SupportBlackCollege, a clothing line with a sole mission to uplift, inspire and encourage others to Support HBCU’s are doing a $40 hoodie sale on their word famous hoodies! Celebrities such as Teyana Taylor, Missy Elliot, Chris Brown Chris Paul and many more have been spotted rocking the brand! We’re telling you right now that once they’re gone, they’re GONE! Head on over to www.SupportBlackColleges.org and get yours now!#SupporBlackCollegesPartner.'

As expected the post triggered a massive debate in the comments about racism, white supremacy and more issues.

Someone did not get into these serious issues and just said that they love Eva: 'I think Eva is the prettiest model ever and her personality🔥🔥🔥🔥 I love her.'

Another person posted 'I think this is smart. A really good friend of mine graduated from a historically black college, but because of the lack of support and name recognition, many jobs have been denying her. The support will put names of these universities out there more for certain fields to higher. Or at least compare the academic levels.'

One fan made their point and said 'Couldn’t imagine if a white blog posted something like this in support of White Colleges. I notice how some of us want equality, and some are demanding, "black-owned everything." Sounds great, but it's like reverse racism to me.😩'

The comments continued, and you can see more in the original post.

But speaking of Eva, she was recently praised for her kindness and humbleness .

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