Eva Marcille Is Invited On Wendy Williams' Show And She Reveals She Wants More Kids

Eva Marcille Is Invited On Wendy Williams' Show And She Reveals She Wants More Kids
Credit: BET

Eva Marcille announced her fans that she'd been invited on Wendy Williams' show. Wendy also posted on her own social media account various pics and a video featuring Eva while she's sharing with the audience what's in her bag.

Check out Eva's post below:

'So Ready for the beautiful @wendyshow and yes I took my @cevad_cbd before🌻 @kilprity on make up @midget_giraffe on threads🔆 One time for the culture,' Eva captioned the post that includes a bunch of pics in which she flaunts her red outfit.

People praised her outfit and told her that she rocked it.

Someone said: 'You can’t do any wrong in my eyes! stunning!'

Here's Wendy's video of Eva that she shared on her social media account.

'Eva Marcille dishes on #RHOA, the drama with her ex-boyfriend Kevin McCall and reveals if she wants more kids,' Wendy captioned her post.

Someone commented: 'Am I the only one that thinks its DEAD WRONG to change a man's child’s last name to another man's last name???'

A hater slammed Eva and said: 'Stop calling you daughter's father a donor, you lay down and open your legs, your daughter is hearing you saying this about him will come back to haunt you when she grows up, he is still her father 🤷‍♀️'

Someone else said: 'I completely understand why Eva is doing all of this when it’s comes to her daughter I just wish she wouldn’t talk about it so openly. Her daughter shouldn’t grow up and see countless footage of her mother ragging on her biological father and discussing her name change and adoption process. This is just not Eva’s story it Marley’s too...all of this could be done a bit more gracefully.'

Wendy also shared a video featuring Eva showing he audience what she had in her bag, and you can check it out above.

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