Eva Marcille Impresses Fans With A Video She Reposted From Halle Berry

Eva Marcille Impresses Fans With A Video She Reposted From Halle Berry
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Eva Marcille proudly reposted a video from Halle Berry on her social media account. She managed to impress a lot of fans with this clip as you will see below.

'Repost from @halleberry I’m so proud to share the trailer for my dear friend @ogetheyogi’s new film, with @docmellymel and @invisibleportraits. This documentary shatters the too-often invisible otherizing of Black women in America and reclaims the true narrative as told in their own words. It’s a powerful film that will rock you to your core, stir your soul and educate and enlighten you in ways that couldn’t be more timely. #InVisiblePortraits is out on June 19th!' Eva wrote.

A follower said: 'In spite of all that..Still we RISE! I see kings and queens rising up,when it's all said and done.'

Someone else posted this message: 'Did you have any videos of black folk fighting back? That's what I want to see.'

A commenter wrote: 'I was just saying it has been over 50 years since Civil Rights Movement & racism should not be a thing in 2020. #BLM.'

One other follower said: 'So I ask on these so-called reality shows why as black women y'all are so disrespectful to each other?! Because in all honesty, I was not happy with the show or the reunion @evamarcille! I thought you coming to the show and your husband being who he is would bring something different but as time went on you became more like the rest of them. Where did the sisterhood go?'

Another person posted this: 'This is exactly how I feel. I’ve always felt unwanted by everyone, including black men. This is why I settled for being alone for the past 21 years instead of being mistreated by being in a relationship with someone that really doesn’t want to be with me.'

Recently, Eva shared an emotional video on her social media account that is featuring Will Smith saying some extremely powerful words.

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