Eva Marcille Impresses Fans With A Genius Video That Explains Privilege

Eva Marcille Impresses Fans With A Genius Video That Explains Privilege
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Eva Marcille shared a video on her social media account in the light of George Floyd's case that horrified the world these days. Everyone's talking about racism, and similar issues and Eva also had more things to say about this on her social media account these days.

The video that Eva shared triggered a massive debate among fans in the comments.

A follower said: 'This was very powerful, however, I want to instill in young black people that there are many of us that they grow up into parent homes. Many of us whose parents went to school and we do live a very good life. There are a lot of Cosby show families. And when you say black that this does not mean poor.'

Someone else wrote: 'please say this louder for the folk in the back! You are talking about me! I grew up in an affluent household and neighborhood, graduated from college, and still did not have the same opportunities as my white counterparts. Every position I hot I had to earn. I wouldn’t compare my family to the Cosby’s why..speaking of my experiences we didn’t think we were better than anyone else. Just blessed a little more than others. Even though my circumstances were different, I could still relate to this video.'

A commenter said: 'agreed. I am the product of the same: two-parent households of parents with Masters degrees. I hold one myself however with all of this, we are still not viewed as equal and have to break through so much more to arrive to that finish line. Even more so for those that didn’t have a “Cosby show” upbringing. This video sheds light on that disparity.'

One other follower had this to say: 'not true. Say that to the many white poor disadvantaged people and homeless. You can’t make excuses for not being where you want to be. Maybe you and your children’s father need to set yourselves up and work hard to achieve where you want to be.'

Another fan said: 'Just when I thought I stopped crying 😭 then this video got me back deep in my feelings. May God help us.'

What are your thoughts on the video?

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