Eva Marcille Goes On Defense After She Was Accused Of Insulting Darker-Colored Black People

Eva Marcille Goes On Defense After She Was Accused Of Insulting Darker-Colored Black People
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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta has welcomed a new addition to their cast: former America's Next Top Model winner, Eva Marcille. For the most part, she has managed to get along just fine with the other women, however, her recent comments landed her in hot water.

On Sunday night's episode of the series, Eva reminisced on her beef from season 10 with her friend, Shamea Morton, who spread rumors that Marcille once dated legendary rapper/songwriter, Missy Elliott.

As it was previously reported, rumor had it that Eva and Missy Elliot were once in a relationship back in the early 2000's. During an appearence on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen,  Eva addressed those rumors, explaining that it wasn't true, and likely wasn't a big deal for Missy Elliott, whom she described as "non-confrontational."

Regardless, fans of both Marcille and Elliott loved speculating about the potential same-sex romance between them. In the scene, it all started when Marcille, NeNe Leakes, Morton, and Porsha were arguing over the typical drama one would expect from the  Real Housewives.

Eva got in trouble when she differentiated between the terms, "Blaque," and "black," suggesting one was cute and the other one wasn't. Marcille referred to Shamari DeVoe as "Black" but not "Blaque."

Kandi told Eva that she was acting "shady" and went on to say that Eva's line of comments should probably stop right there. Kandi clearly wasn't impressed.

After watching the episode, Marcille defended herself on Instagram, denying that her comments were made in reference to another person's skin color. Marcille said that what she meant was, Shamea was never in a singing group.

In the post you can see above, Eva said she would never make such comments, especially since "colorism" is such a big problem in the black community.

It seemed like a form of damage control, but who knows what Marcille really thinks. One person online said, "I think it was a light-skin versus dark-skin comparison. I'm not buying that 'singing group' explanation."

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  • Cookie
    Cookie Nov 20, 2018 6:14 AM PST

    Sad this ignorance still hang over our communities. I heard Eva's remark, it had nothing to do w/ Mortons skin color. People of color still have these complex feelings. As someone of a lighter hue, I've been called names, such as yellow watt bulb. No one will comment on it. I know it's a way to separate us. I ignore and move on. Stop giving our oppressors fuel, to separate us!

  • Mary Akinkoye
    Mary Akinkoye Nov 20, 2018 6:03 AM PST

    Eva Marcille I am certain did not mean offense by the statment she made because she is Black and so are her kids. When we are discriminated against no one cares whether you are a light or dark skinned African American. Call up Rosa Parks from the dead and ask her. If Eva thinks that her skin will shield her from the KKK or skinheads she better give herself a long talking to. BLACK people stand together and stop this slave plantation mentality. Eva you are a beautiful girl so let the gray matter be on par with your beauty.

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