Eva Marcille Goes On A Date Night With Michael Sterling And Fans Praise Her Look

Eva Marcille Goes On A Date Night With Michael Sterling And Fans Praise Her Look
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Eva Marcille shared a photo on her social media account in which she's together with Michael Sterling, and they're on a date night. Fans made sure to praise her look in the comments section like there's no tomorrow.

Kenya Moore hopped in the comments and said this: 'That’s a beautiful wife!'

Someone said: 'Hey Eva, do you support small black-owned brands? I handcraft 100% organic skin and hair care products that truly work. See for yourself! Please let me know where I can send you some products to try.'

A commenter wrote: 'Our Lives Matters Accountability perspective bill is to protect minorities from police brutality and Hate crimes. This perspective bill will hold police and persons who commit Hate crimes and police brutality Accountable for there actions. We demand a banned on the no knock warrants. We demand a band on the choke hold and the kneeling in the back (of a persons neck to be banned. We are also demanding that it is mandatory for police officers and persons who commit Hate crimes to be mentally and psychologically evaluated every two to three months through out the years. Go to change.org click to sign and share. My goal is to get this bill to Legislature and passed. Make an Impactful difference.. Remember to VOTE.'

One follower said: 'Thank yall for this example of; greatness, black love, family, and perserverence!'

Someone else posted this: '@evamarcille date night for us too !! Yesterday was our 9years together!! Have fun and be safe lovey!!<3'

A fan exclaimed: 'the most beautiful woman in the world!' and another person said: '@evamarcille you have the best personality and been a fan of yours since America’s Next Top Model.'


Eva Marcille  shared some thoughts about pregnancy on her social media account and fans commented about the subject as well.

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