Eva Marcille Doesn't Agree With Re-Opening Georgia In The Middle Of A Pandemic

Eva Marcille Doesn't Agree With Re-Opening Georgia In The Middle Of A Pandemic
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Eva Marcille is just one of the many people who don't agree with re-opening Georgia. Check out the video that she posted, and most of the fans completely agreed with her.

What Eva decided to post on her social media account triggered a massive debate in the comments among her followers.

A follower said: 'Naww I need my feet and nails done tho, but once I get it done I’m back in the crib,' and one otheer commenter posted this message: 'Yes. Stay at home. I’m a physician, and this is nonsense! We are in no better shape than before starting the stay at home order. No vaccine, no medical cure, etc.'

Someone else said: 'And what about more than half the PLANET won’t take or get the vaccine? We just suppose to stay inside. Wear masks forever. Is this a Muslim thing. This chick says NO!!'

One follower posted: '#Stand down don't go out and don't support businesses that don't care about our health just there wealth. They can't Win.'

Someone posted this message: 'yes please just pray that should be your choice, not going out to work for another person and potentially die. Life or death. Most of us are in the same boat. When it hey to that point juts pay everyone small portions,
Prioritize some risk your life hun be careful.'

A follower posted: 'This is sad 😢 the state will open and there will be a surge. The hospitals will be overwhelmed while the governors and everyone is sitting at home. There needs to be a vaccine in place going forward. I see in this country money is more important than human life. Wake up America 😳'

One other commenter said: 'The government understands, they just don’t give a damn! It’s clear to me that they are focusing on re-opening highly populated, African American States in the midst of a pandemic! #itsasetup #STAYHOME 🤬'

Someone else also believes that 'this is ridiculous, people are in a hurry to just go and hangout. Some states have reopened their economy and are now back handling COVID19 cases all over again. I have a 14-year-old granddaughter that lives in Atlanta and I want her to be around to celebrate her 15th birthday. People, you must think wisely. I live in Detroit and this s"""" is real. We just had a five-year-old to die from COVID 19 on this past Monday so sad. I work for Cardiologist and they are very nervous about the second wave of this disease.'

What do you think about re-opening Georgia?

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