Eva Marcille Defends The African Market Place And Drum Circle Farmers Market

Eva Marcille Defends The African Market Place And Drum Circle Farmers Market
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Eva Marcille dropped an important message telling people that she defends the African market place and drum circle farmers market. Check out her post below.

'***HELP US KEEP THE AFRICAN MARKET PLACE & DRUM CIRCLE FARMERS MARKET. THE CITY COUNCIL OFFICE IS TRYING TO MAKE THIS SUNDAY OUR LAST***For the past few years, Black vendors in Leimert Park Village have said there is an effort to push us out of the village. At stakeholder meetings, neighbourhood council meetings and city council meetings officials have said “Oh, that’s not true. We want the vendors here.” But actions speak louder than words,' Eva began her message.

She continued and said: 'First vendors were told to get street vendor permits. We did. Then officials said to get a farmer’s market permit to close the streets & make Sundays safer for the community. We did. Then they loaded us with fees that the city usually waives for farmer’s markets, thinking we couldn’t get the money. But we did.'

Eva also wrote: 'Today, we were told that our farmer’s permit was being revoked by the city because we didn’t meet certain LAPD & LAFD safety requirements. But we came with receipts from LAPD & LAFD showing we did. Now we’re being told that the permit is still revoked, just because Mark Ridley Thomas’ office can. No reason...except MRT’s office plans to replace our Black founded, Black operated farmer’s market with one run by a white nonprofit that already operates six markets. They will bring in their own vendors and force out most, if not all, of our Black vendors who have been in Leimert Park Village for decades. Stand with the African Market Place & Drum Circle and help us hold this space.'

A follower said: 'I love the plight. But we are losing all of Leimert Park 😮. They have started pushing us out for some years now. They wanted Nip and all of us out of the way.'

Someone else posted this message: 'Wow! Not cool at all! For most businesses, the bulk of sales and brand awareness comes from the farmer’s market. Smh.'


Stay tuned for more news.

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