Eva Marcille Breaks Down While Discussing Kevin McCall During RHOA Reunion

Eva Marcille Breaks Down While Discussing Kevin McCall During RHOA Reunion
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Eva Marcille has finally got her happily ever after with Mike Sterling. However, this season on Real Housewives of Atlanta she is still dealing with baby daddy drama.

Kevin McCall and Eva welcomed her first child Marley Rae Sterling. After the songwriter allegedly became abusive, Eva made a run for it.

Unfortunately, Kevin has been following her and Mike to the point where she was moving from house to house in order to ensure her family's safety.

Additionally, Kevin attempted to take Eva to court for custody and a petition to change Marley's name back to McCall. Kevin ended up getting arrested at the court hearing and the case was dropped.

In a preview for the RHOA virtual reunion, Andy Cohen asks Eva about the situation.

'I look at you, and I brought this up with you earlier, Kenya. I mean, you know, you’re both such strong women, and it just goes to show you can be a very strong person and fall in with the wrong guy who could maybe, you know, treat you not so well.'


The mother of three explains why she doesn't regret her relationship with the singer.

'He was put in my life so that I could bring the biggest sunshine into my family, which is my daughter, Marley. I wouldn’t take it back ‘cause if I took it back, I wouldn’t have her.'

She gets emotional when she says: 'I need a second. F***** hate talking about him. He’s such an a*****. I will fight with any of these women. I hate talking about him.'

Although Kevin continues to slam Eva online, it doesn't appear that he is in the process of taking any more legal action to get visitation rights -- something Marcille previously said she would be open to only if he took the steps to get help with his mental health.


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