Estate Of Kristoff St.John Sued By American Express For Credit Card Debt

Estate Of Kristoff St.John Sued By American Express For Credit Card Debt
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According to a report from, Kristoff St. John's estate was just served with a lawsuit. Approximately two months after it was first revealed he had died due to heart disease and alcohol abuse, the Young And The Restless alum, Kristoff, now owe money to the credit card company, American Express.

The Blast reported that the American Express National Bank filed a creditor's claim against his estate last week and they want $33,007.31. One month ago in March, his oldest daughter, Paris, filed documents stating that she should be the administrator of his estate.

On social media, people have been accusing the company of being petty, however, as one person wrote, "this is how business and the world operates. It's ruthless, but it is what it is." Regarding Kristoff's daughter, Paris, she claims to have found a written will, but not an official will.

As it was previously reported, Kristoff St. John died on the 3rd of February at the age of 52-years-old. The LA County Coroner's office claimed that he died from years of drinking alcohol and thus the health complications that come with it, specifically, heart problems.

The exact cause of death written on the certificate was "effects of ethanol" as well as "hypertrophic heart disease." Fans of Kristoff St. John were shocked to see he had passed away earlier in the year, especially followers of CBS' Young And The Restless.

Kristoff had earned several Emmy nominations and awards over the years due to his role on the series. In 2008, for instance, he took home the accolade for Best Supporting Actor. In prior years, including 2015, 2007, 2000,1999, and 1993, he earned nominations.

Kristoff's life, like many others out there in the world, faced hardship and tragedy in different forms. Back in 2014, Kristoff and his ex-wife lost their 24-year-old son due to suicide.

Rumor has it that the death of Kristoff's son led him to drink heavily, although, this hasn't been substantiated by anyone close to the Young And The Restless alum.

In response to his passing, many people on social media came out in support of Kristoff as well as his family, with one person in particular writing, "I've been a fan of Kristoff's since he first appeared on the show in the 1990s. What a sad day."

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