Esme Bianco Says Marilyn Manson Human Trafficked Her, Has Spoken To The F.B.I.

Esme Bianco Says Marilyn Manson Human Trafficked Her, Has Spoken To The F.B.I.
Credit: Source: Esme Bianco/Instagram

Esme Bianco is the latest woman who publicly accused Marilyn Manson of abuse. For Esme, her allegations involve a different scenario than those of women who say they dated the singer. Because Esme lived in the UK and traveled to the U.S. to appear in one of Marilyn Manson 's videos, she is accusing the 52-year-old shock rocker of human trafficking. She stated in an official Instagram post people need to rethink the definition of human trafficking as she pointed out that intimate partners, boyfriends, and husbands can traffic people.

Esme first met Marilyn Manson through her friendship with his ex-wife, Dita Von Teese. They met in 2005 and she maintained a friendship with Dita and Marilyn Manson for the next several years. In 2007, Dita Von Teese left Manson and he continued his friendship with Esme. Esme described their friendship as being flirtatious but platonic and in 2008, she married.

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Living in the UK with her husband, Esme was focused on her career. In 2009, she alleges that Manson invited her to come to L.A. to film a movie and music video with him. She traveled to meet Marilyn Manson and now, in retrospect, alleges that he abused her with BDSM methods under the guise of filming the video. After filming ended, she returned to the UK and her husband but was still drawn to Manson and wanted to please him.

Even though Esme says her initial encounters with Marilyn Manson were abusive, she continued to keep in touch with Manson via email. They allegedly met up for sexual rendezvous when their schedules allowed. Two years later, in 2011, Bianco left her husband and moved in with Marilyn Manson, believing the two were soulmates. In an interview with the Cut, Esme alleged the abuse only intensified and within two months, she left.

You may read Esme's interview with The Cut, where she speaks about the alleged torture and abuse she experienced while in a relationship with Marilyn Manson below.

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Esme released the following statement on Instagram.

I am naming the person who abused and human trafficked me. His name is Marilyn Manson, born Brian Hugh Warner. I am coming forward after years of living with the unthinkable trauma I endured at the hands of the serial predator known to many as Marilyn Manson. I am speaking up now, in my own way, and sharing this story with others because he must be held accountable. No one should ever go through what I - and so many other survivors - have experienced. It’s important that we all understand that intimate partners, boyfriends, and husbands can abuse and traffic people. We must address the misconceptions around human trafficking because it can happen to anyone like it happened to me.

You may see Esme's post as shared on Instagram below.

Esme spoke to ABC News in an exclusive interview and revealed that she has spoken to the F.B.I. You may see that video below.

What do you think about the abuse allegations against Marilyn Manson? Were you surprised to see Esme Bianco accuse Marilyn Manson of human trafficking?




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  • joey
    joey Feb 21, 2021 11:36 PM PST

    This is ridiculous. Where's the trafficking? Did I miss something? I just read this & that Charlyne Yi story & I can't believe these women. This ones talking Child Trafficking, Yi called him a pedophile & I can't figure out why. These word have lost their meaning. Corey Feldman certainly hasn't given those words any weight. He's the biggest imbecile in all of this so far. The pair of them have been mean to each other & Feldman has been worse than Manson. This nonsense shouldn't even be covered. So you put up with a scumbag, I've been there & have some scars but how is that on anyone but themselves & myself. 2021, no ones accountable for their behaviour anymore. Just the good stuff.

  • Tom
    Tom Feb 17, 2021 9:41 AM PST

    You’re not exact Harvard-bound are you Janice?

  • Ryan
    Ryan Feb 16, 2021 9:05 PM PST

    Hmmm...sounds fishy to me. So she went to film a music video where he abused her, yet we can't seem to find the video...and yet she left her husband to move in with Manson years later, even though they were not dating, and he abused she's claiming it's human trafficking? No, it's called you're stupid, and clearly there's another motive here.

  • Janice
    Janice Feb 16, 2021 5:38 PM PST

    WHAt a crock! She cheated on her husband and had some kinky sex, left her husband for him and when it didn’t work out she claims he trafficked her? She was a married adult woman who chose to leave her home and go to LA to F a rockstar. I dont buy it... it sounds like buyers remorse to me

  • Sith
    Sith Feb 15, 2021 7:42 AM PST

    There's unquestionably weird issues with this guy, but in several of these testimonies from different women, it sounds like the only thing they're victims of is their own stupidity.

  • Roz
    Roz Feb 14, 2021 5:36 PM PST

    He really let himself go.

  • Bella
    Bella Feb 14, 2021 4:32 AM PST

    He mentally abuses victims. That’s how he controls them, alternating between positive reinforcement and abuse. It breaks the victim down psychologically. He specifically seeks out vulnerable people who are young, without a strong sense of self. He trawled the internet look searching for prey. He is a predator.

    • Janice
      Janice Feb 16, 2021 5:41 PM PST

      Okay there “Bella”, how about Ashley Walters ... a 40 year old photographer with loads of experience. She stood by and “witnessed” his abuse and didn’t say anything.... she got fired for stealing his jaguar while Manson was in Europe and then drunk driving she crashed it! Let’s not forget that his friend group of other Evan, all know each other.

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