Esme Bianco Says Marilyn Manson Cut Her With A Knife During Sex, Posted Photos Online

Esme Bianco Says Marilyn Manson Cut Her With A Knife During Sex, Posted Photos Online
Credit: Source: Esme Bianco/Krula Portrait Photographer/Instagram

When Esme Bianco and Evan Rachel Wood testified before the California Senate regarding the Phoenix Act , no one realized the two actresses were there speaking about the same man — Brian Hugh Garner, aka Marilyn Manson . Esme Bianco is an actress, best known for playing Ros on Game of Thrones and Jane Chatwin on the popular television series The Magicians . Esme is now speaking out and naming Marilyn Manson as her abuser, joining Evan Rachel Wood , Sarah McNeilly, Ashley Walters, Ashley Lindsay Morgan, and Gabriella Accarino who all publicly accused Manson of everything from rape to psychological torture on February 1, 2021.

Speaking about the abuse she endured, Esme Bianco stated that her abuser groomed her and gaslighted her. She held up 'quote fingers" as she described a process where Marilyn Manson lured her in through friendship. This is the same account that the other women, including Evan Rachel Wood, has given publicly.

Esme's story is also similar to the other women's where she described Marilyn Manson as intelligent and funny in the beginning but then saw his dark side. He also quickly began declaring his love for Esme and referred to her as his soulmate.

She then described the psychological demands and controls he placed on her life. Esme was given a dress code to adhere to or else she would be punished. No aspect of her life could escape Marilyn Manson's control as she alleged he was in charge of her sleep, the food she ate, the friends she could speak with, and she had zero freedom to come and go at her will. She stated he would lock her in a room for punishment and wake her up violently if she fell asleep without his permission.

Marilyn Manson released a statement in his defense describing his relationships with his accusers as consensual.

During Esme's hearing, she emphatically stated that the abuse she experienced, including being bitten all over her body and Manson carving into her flesh with a knife during sex, was not consensual. She also stated that after Marilyn Manson would physically assault her body, he took pictures and then posted them online without her consent or knowledge.

You may see Esme Bianco's testimony about the alleged abuse she endured below.

What do you think about the allegations against Marilyn Manson? There is a multi-state call for investigations as many people allege they were assaulted after Manson's shows. He is currently being investigated for claims he sexually assaulted minors in Florida.


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