Erykah Badu Enrages Fans After Defending R. Kelly On Stage

Erykah Badu Enrages Fans After Defending R. Kelly On Stage
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Erykah Badu had some things to say about R. Kelly and the women that accused him of sexual assault and misconduct and now, social media users are very upset. During a concert of hers in Chicago, the woman seemed to defend the controversial man.

While Badu did great on stage, what grabbed more people’s attention was her opinion on Kelly’s scandal, something she decided to share in the middle of the show.

While discussing the controversial Surviving R. Kelly docuseries, Erykah did not denounce the R&B star and instead she hoped he will ‘see the light.’

‘I’m putting up a prayer right now for R. I hope that he sees the light of day if he has done all those things that we have seen on TV and heard those ladies talk about. I hope that he sees the light of day and comes forward,’ she said while in front of the concertgoers.

Erykah went on to ask people what they would do if one of the accusers turned out to be an abuser as well. – ‘Would we crucify them? How do we do this?’

You might have realized that the artist was just trying her best to be positive in this situation, but it also makes total sense that social media was not a fan of that stance.

Many Twitter users perceived her words as her defending Kelly.

Here are a few of the reactions on the platform: ‘lord knows i wanted nothing more than to see erykah badu the night before my birthday but after hearing about her act a fool over r. kelly shows me that wasn’t the energy i needed.’ / ‘Erykah Badu put on a great show last night, but she really disappointed me with her comments on R. Kelly.’

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