Erika Jayne Is Reportedly Not Worried At All About Her Husband's $15 Million Lawsuit

Erika Jayne Is Reportedly Not Worried At All About Her Husband's $15 Million Lawsuit
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According to a report from Us Weekly, Erika Jayne, known for her role in Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, isn't worried at all about her husband's current lawsuit for approximately $15,000,000. Thomas Girardi was recently struck with a big lawsuit and Erika claims it's all apart of running a successful business.

"Listen, we're in the lawsuit business, baby. We sue and get sued," the 47-year-old remarked. When speaking with Us Weekly at the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and Mexican Dynasties premiere on Tuesday, the star rhetorically asked, "so what?"

For her and her husband, lawsuits come with their line of work and it's not a big deal. Last month, in January, The Blast claimed the 79-year-old and his law firm, Girardi and Keese, were battling with a $15,000,000 lawsuit for supposedly not paying loans given to them by Law Finance Group (LFG).

Documents obtained by The Blast stated LFG lent Mr. Girardi $15 million back in 2015 to help pay for his business, but he never actually paid them back. The lender claims their money was used to help keep his business above water while he continued to live a "lavish" and luxurious lifestyle.

In August 2018, Girardi and Law Finance Group began a repayment plan but he never paid that either. He was supposed to make monthly payments by the end of October last year as well as make at least a $5,000,000 payment by the first of last month.

Thankfully, Jayne is understanding of all this, but there's no question she has grown accustomed to the pitfalls of running a business. She and Girardi first tied the knot all the way back in January 1999. They've been married for twenty years.

Explained in another way, Girardi and Jayne will enjoy Valentine's Day the same way they always do. Although, Jayne says she won't be celebrating this year for an entirely different reason.

During the aforementioned interview with Us Weekly on Tuesday, Erika revealed she was having knee surgery and therefore wouldn't be having any Valentine's Day. Erika joked with reporters that injuries come with being a "dancer, baby."


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