Erika Jayne Defends Post Of Her Son Who's A Police Officer

Erika Jayne Defends Post Of Her Son Who's A Police Officer
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Erika Payne isn't ashamed of being the mother of a policeman during the protests of the death of George Floyd which kicked off peaceful demonstrations and also riots internationally.

On social media, the 48-year-old reality star defended her child, Tommy Zizzo, after someone said to her disparagingly that her child was an "officer," following Payne's support for the Black Lives Matter Black Out Tuesday.

Payne defended her son, stating that he was brought up in such a way so as to protect and serve people of all ethnic heritage. The reality star added, "f*ck you and stay off my page." Many of her fans supported Erika's comments, which she continued to share.

As fans of Erika know, she typically does whatever she can to keep her son's likeness out of the public eye, however, in recent news, she shared a picture of him on her social media account. Erika said that photo of her son is her "best-performing post."

The reality star explained further, stating that there was nothing she could do to stop him from becoming a police officer. Moreover, Erika said she chose the life she lives today, as does everyone else when they make decisions for themselves.

According to Erika, her son turned out to be a "fine young man" and she couldn't be any more proud of him. In the past, Erika defended her son once again during a conversation with Eileen Davidson. Erika said that her son was out in the streets every night, after putting on a uniform, protecting people he doesn't know.

Of course, her comments come at a particularly turbulent time with the world just ending its self-isolation quarantine and then turning into a massive international protest following the death of George Floyd under police arrest.

Since George's tragic passing, many American cities have experienced peaceful demonstrations and also unfortunate cases of riots and looting as well. The demonstrations have continued to spread across to the United Kingdom as well as in Toronto and Montreal.

Yesterday, Donald Trump announced he would be sending the National Guard to all of the states affected.

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