Erica Mena's Fans Are Begging Her To Stop With The Plastic Surgery - See The Photo That Has People Talking

Erica Mena's Fans Are Begging Her To Stop With The Plastic Surgery - See The Photo That Has People Talking
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Erica Mena shared a gorgeous photo of herself in which she looks amazing, but some of her fans are thinking about something else.

Some people beg her to stop with the cosmetic interventions, accusing her of having something done to her lips.

A follower said: 'she was naturally pretty so I don’t understand 🤦🏽‍♀️' and someone else posted this: 'you can look at her previous post and see she’s naturally pretty without makeup. She just has a lot of makeup on in this pic.'

One follower said: 'nope take a look at the pics more and the old ones work was done to the face or she fired her old makeup artist hired a bomb ass new one who slays contouring but imma just go with the first one ... whyyyyy 😩'

A follower said: 'she’s literally always w/o in her stories and I’ve seen her in person without makeup. pictures do no justice she’s gorgeous naturally. Her lips maybe but nothing else. The mua that does this work always has her looking like this tbh. You can literally go to her page and see. Tbh she’s better w/o all this less is better for her. She’s naturally beautiful.'

One fan said: 'not trying to knock someone’s hustle but I’m glad I’m not the one only that noticed the pattern with the mua. I’m sure she’s great but less is more for a natural beauty like Mena.'

A follower posted this message: 'No more plastic surgery please she was so pretty before all the facial changes. Natural Latina beauty please don’t do any more to your face.'

Someone else said: 'Iamerica_mena no need for makeup sweets heart you’re naturally beautiful not many females can pull off natural beauty.'

A fan posted: 'Yeah, something is off and I’m not a fan of the blonde your life! My opinion is that you were perfect before.'

A commenter said: 'Beautiful. I think you look more beautiful with dark hair though... Always beautiful.'

Erica Mena recently dropped a great giveaway on her social media account, making some of her fans excited.

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