Erica Mena Will Address Her Breastfeeding Journey This Upcoming Monday

Erica Mena Will Address Her Breastfeeding Journey This Upcoming Monday
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Erica Mena announced her fans that she'll be responding to all kinds of questions about her breastfeeding journey this Monday. Check out all the details about her meeting with fans.

'This Monday, May 25th I’m going live with @milkymamallc on their page to discuss everything that has to do with breastfeeding. I get a lot of you ladies who ask me questions and inquire about my breastfeeding journey. This Monday we can get all our questions answered and we can get some awesome advice to make our breastfeeding lifestyle so much better. Please leave your questions under this post. We want to answer them for you. See all you Milky Mama’s Monday 2 pm Pt 5 PM EST,' Erica captioned her post.

Someone said: 'I definitely need advice on producing more milk. I’m a first-time mom with a one-month-old. Two weeks into breastfeeding and my milk dried up. I’m currently taking lactation drinks (teas and milk) as well as lactation snacks that contain fenugreek. I also started eating tons of fruit and drinking about a half-gallon of water a day. I'm one week into this process but still no results. Any advice?'

One otheer follower posted: 'the best way to keep supply up, in my opinion, is to literally nurse all the time. You make what your baby needs so having your baby at the breast as much as possible and pumping the other breast while baby-nurses. Just what worked for me.'

Another follower wrote: 'some women don't respond well to fenugreek. With my first that was the reason my supply decreased. You may want to try products without it. Also, I read that a staycation could help. Basically you're in bed, relaxing with your baby doing lots of skin to skin, and latch baby as often as you can.'

An Instagrammer said: 'I've been trying to become a brand ambassador for milkymama forever!! I'm a certified lactation counselor and all and haven't had much luck lol. Kudos to you and for nursing. It's one of the best bonding moments you'll ever have.'

Other than this, Erica made her fans go crazy with excitement again with a new photo that she dropped on her social media account. Safaree also hopped in the comments and made sure to show fans how he feels about his wifey.

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