Erica Mena Uses Only Natural Products Since She Got Pregnant - Here's Her Latest Find

Erica Mena Uses Only Natural Products Since She Got Pregnant - Here's Her Latest Find
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Erica Mena has been telling her fans that she is using only natural products since she got pregnant.

She has been advertising these on her social media account, and while some fans appreciate the fact that she shared these with them, a lot of people told her that she's only doing this to secure the bag, and she doesn't even use them herself.

Anyway, here's the latest post that triggered a debate in the comments.

'Only natural products from @ancientcosmetics for this family Follow @ancientcosmetics,' Erica captioned her post.

Someone told her: ''Looking like a completely different person here. Loving this natural look, but I’m just one in a trillion. Good look and the glow up is real preggo😆'

Another follower praised her and said: 'You’re so beautiful without makeup and that Glow looks amazing on you. Congratulations on the new addition and your marriage to Safaree ❤️❤️❤️'

A fan gushed over Erica and said: 'Beautiful with or without makeup. It’s going to be a beautiful Jamaican princess love by all spoiled by many.'

Someone else told the mom to be: 'Erica are these products for all skin types and body types and complexions.'

One follower said: 'You look so happy and beautiful! Sooo proud of you and wish you continued blessings!'

A fan gushed over her and told Erica: 'How are you this beautiful while pregnant 😘😘😘cause girl I was a 🐽 when I was pregnant with my daughter nose spread and everything I was not this cute lol.'

Just the other day, Erica made her fans happy when she shared a photo in which she is together with Safaree on a bed.

She is proudly flaunting her pregnancy and she looks amazing.

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