Erica Mena Tells Safaree Samuels: 'Let's Get Married Right Now' - See Their Lovey-Dovey Pics

Erica Mena Tells Safaree Samuels: 'Let's Get Married Right Now' - See Their Lovey-Dovey Pics
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Everyone knows that Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels are one of the cutest couples. These two are gushing over one another every time they get the chance.

Fans have noticed that Safaree has never looked happier, and neither did Erica Mena.

Since they are together, they cannot seem to have enough of each other.

They even sport the same bling and outfits, and they profess their love for one another publicly every time they have the chance.

The couple has created their very own YouTube channel which is titled  She’s Crazy, I’m Not .

Now, Erica shared some new pics on her social media and she tells Safaree to get married now.

'I can be soft and submissive officially. 🙏🏽♥️ Let's get married right now @iamsafaree Follow our IG @shescrazyimnot' Erica captioned her pics.

A follower said 'Go ahead and get married at the courthouse 1st then have a big wedding. That will take some the stress of the wedding day and planning away because you know “ Phuk it we already married” what could go wrong?'

A fan told Erica 'Proud of you sis. Blessings to you both. May God cover and ordain your union. 🙏🏼🙏🏼'

Someone else also gushed over the couple and said 'I love the fact that your truly happy this time around, I pray for nothing but blessings and wishing yall the best.'

One supporter priased the couple and said 'I’m so in love with y’all I’m happy that y’all are living life together living it to the fullest !! My husband passed away he was 35 and I would just say if you love someone hold them tight and LIVE !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️'

Another fan feels the same - they love this couple and praises Erica and Safaree: 'I’m sooooo freaking happy for you Erica really, I can see you in him I can see how he treats you how he protects you Sis I can see how he makes you a better woman and how you make him a better man. You have made him admirable and I’m sure it’s vice versa more so I’m happy for you & I'm not the one getting married #Scorpio #keepitup congratulations I wish you both well!!!'

Congrats, Erica and Safaree for having such a tight relationship.

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