Erica Mena Talks About A Woman's Need To Have A Man Regardless Of How Independent She Is

Erica Mena Talks About A Woman's Need To Have A Man Regardless Of How Independent She Is
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Erica Mena shared a photo on her social media account which also has a message on it, and she seems to agree 100%. Her fans are debating the subject in the comments.

A commenter said: 'You did such a wonderful job on your own, he can be there to support and walk next to you. Your independence attracted him and will still be needed to keep a long marriage strong. Some days you may be the protector and leader.❤️'

One other fan also agreed: 'Yes mam! Thank you for your constant motivation and inspiration @iamerica_mena.'

Someone else is on the same page as well: 'Agreed... & that's what's wrong with these young girls now #sad all they talk about is fucking a man taking his money & they wonder why they never have someone & if they do it's only for a short period of time 💯💯'

A fan posted: 'Yes I agree you are extremely happy. Your glowing and wearing your pregnancy well. Congratulations to your new journey. God is good.'

An Instagrammer told Erica that it's great to have said this: 'Great Sister For Saying This So Often There's A Confusion or Misconception About a Successful Ambitious Women and Not Needing a Man and in Some Case's Sister's Push Go Men Away Because of The Wrong Understanding or Not Knowing how to balance The Two. So Thank You and All the Sister's That Embrace The Balance and Healthiness of a Relationship between a Man and Women Which it's Work, but It's Worth it. Two Are Always Stronger Then One. Renaissance Man Coming 2020.'

Erica is living her best life these days. She just got married to the love of her life, Safaree, and they are also expecting a baby girl.

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