Erica Mena Slammed For Saying She Will Not Vaccinate Her Baby Girl Even As Her 11-Year-Old Son Begs Her To!

Erica Mena Slammed For Saying She Will Not Vaccinate Her Baby Girl Even As Her 11-Year-Old Son Begs Her To!
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Erica Mena disappointed a lot of her fans when she revealed that she is not planning on vaccinating her yet to be born daughter. That being said, the Love and Hip Hop star took to her platform to share a text conversation between her and her 11-year-old son, King Conde, in which they were arguing on this topic.

The boy insisted that his mom should actually vaccinate his baby sister and the woman’s followers made it very clear they agreed with the boy.

In the text screenshots the boy tells Erica: ‘Just admit you're wrong and give up,’ to which she answers: ‘Don’t talk to your mother like this is disrespectful and not gonna be tolerated.’

But even though he got scolded, the boy did not give up his attempts to change his mom’s anti-vax opinion, writing back: ‘Oh, I am sorry for wanting my baby sister to live as healthy as possible. While you're convinced ignoring what right for her is fine? I'm sorry for possibly being disrespectful but i'm only being that way because i'm passionate about this. I love you.’

Erica sure was touched he cared so much about his future baby sister: ‘Look at you being a great big brother. I cannot [wait] for her to get here so you can defend her with all your might.’

‘My son King is not letting up on his reasons why we should vaccinate the baby,’ she captioned her post on IG stories.

Soon after, fans started praising the 11 year old, stressing that he had ‘more sense’ than his mom.

Many others lamented, disappointed, that a child has to fight so fiercely to just protect his sibling from their own mother!

Some pointed out that the myth saying vaccines cause autism has been debunked many years ago so people should let it go already!

As for their reasons why they do vaccinate their kids and why Mena and everybody else should do it, it was actually only one – they don’t want the young ones to die!

Hopefully, after reading at least a few of the passionate comments on the matter, Mena will finally listen to them and her amazing son and do the right thing for her baby daughter.


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