Erica Mena Shows Off Her Bomb Body At The Beach While Safaree Finally Finds His Match

Erica Mena Shows Off Her Bomb Body At The Beach While Safaree Finally Finds His Match
Credit: BET

Erica Mena keeps sharing her beach photos in which her figure is completely on point. Not too long ago, Safaree told her that he and her fans are longing for sexy pics and that's what she should post.

His fiancee listened to her man and shared a few jaw-dropping pics in which she's flaunting her beach body and fans are definitely here for it.

'I’m the wrong person to have a IDGAF contest with 😜' Erica captioned one of her posts.

Safaree also gushed over the pic and said that it's beautiful.

Someone said, 'Erica.... girl.... I’m about to go on vacation with my man and I don’t look like this?!?? I ain’t trynna see this before my baecation 😩😩😩!!!! Welp there goes my meal plans. What meals? Let me eat this air for the next 2 weeks. lol.'

Another follower posted, 'You're beautiful inside and out. Great mom and badass woman ❤️'

Someone else wrote, 'I was going to skip the gym tomorrow but this picture gave me the swift kick in the ass I needed.'

Meanwhile, it seems that Safaree found his match in regards to dance moves. Here's a cool post shared by The Shade Room:

Safaree quickly hopped in the comments and said that yes, this is his match, but on steroids.

Safaree and Erica are going stronger than ever,  despite the recent claims  that they have broken up.

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  • Robert
    Robert Jun 11, 2019 1:43 PM PDT

    She looks like a injected doll why keep messing up your body when you're already cute be thankful for what God has given you the work looks ugly.

  • Pamella
    Pamella Jun 10, 2019 11:44 PM PDT

    Great photos. Wish u guys were still on love an hip hop

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