Erica Mena Shares Her Secret For A Flawless Face

Erica Mena Shares Her Secret For A Flawless Face
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Erica Mena has always impressed her fans with the flawless face that she has and people have been asking her what's the routine that she's using. She is now revealing one of the secrets that she enjoys to have such great skin.

Check out the message and pics that she shared below.

'@ancientcosmetics natural rose water face mist keeps my skin glowing and fresh @ancientcosmetics,' Erica captioned her post.

Someone said: 'You can buy rose water from Indian grocery stores,' and one other follower posted this message: 'girl caught by mom while smoking weed at home check my recent post!'

Another commenter wrote: 'What else do you use besides the rose water. I use that, but im trying to find a good cleanser.'

Another follower posted this message: 'We bout to sleep in this precious country called South Africa come on bra..... You should come to Erica.... I can be your tour guide.... This mf beautiful than all of you.'

Someone else said: 'Have you ever went blonde with ur natural hair?'

Another commenter posted this: 'Just had a baby where? That snapback is really real! Show em how it's done!!'

Erica is living her best life with Safaree and her kids these days.

Safaree  had a message about men who should take care of their homes. He also made sure to tell and show fans what  Erica Mena , his gorgeous wifey got him.

Also, Erica made her fans happy with this new photo featuring her and  Safaree ‘s baby girl. You still cannot see the kid’s face, but fans are completely in love with her no matter what.

You should check out this sweet image that Erica shared on her social media account.

People are simply in love with Erica's snapback and they cannot believe that she recently had a baby, considering her flawless looks.

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